SCCM Site Systems and Components Summarizer Reports

I received an email today from someone who downloaded my SCCM Health Check Script 3.5. He asked me if I can help to modify the script to only display Site Systems and Components status. I thought this can be easily achieved by creating few simple reports inside SCCM. If you are running SCCM 2007 R3 and have Reporting Service Point configured, you can publish these reports to SQL Reporting Services and create some schedules to email out daily. So I quickly wrote 3 reports: 1. Site Status Overview Report – A high level overview of site status 2. Site System

PowerShell Script: Remove All Packages From A SCCM Distribution Point

Often, SCCM administrators found packages still assigned to distribution points that no longer exist. There are scripts available to remove these “orphaned” package distributions via SMS Provider. i.e. This one called DPClean.vbs from TechNet Blog: Removing a retired DP from all your packages. It was written for SMS 2003. I’m not sure if SMS 2003 works differently when deleting package distribution via SMS Provider as I don’t have a SMS 2003 environment around that I can test. But, this script may not work in a multi-tiered SCCM environment (multiple primary sites below a central site). This script only tries to

PowerShell Script: Get SCCM Management Point server name from AD

I wrote this function as a part of a script that I’m working on. it searches AD for the management point server name for a particular SCCM site: Note: This function uses another function called Get-AllDomains, which I’ve blogged before here: So make sure you include BOTH functions in your script.

PowerShell Script: Calculate First and Last IP of a Subnet

I just wrote this script to calculate the first and last IP of a subnet based on any given IP (within the subnet) and it’s subnet mask: Syntax: .\Get-NetworkStartEndAddress.ps1 “IP address” “Subnet Mask” Download here: Get-NetworkStartEndAddress.ps1

SCCM Report: Site Boundaries

I wrote this simple report yesterday to list and search site boundaries: Report Name: SCCM Site Boundaries SQL Query:   Prompts: Name: BoundaryName Prompt Text: Boundary Name Prompt SQL Statement:

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