SCCM Report: Site Boundaries

Written by Tao Yang

I wrote this simple report yesterday to list and search site boundaries:

Report Name: SCCM Site Boundaries

SQL Query:

SELECT distinct
v_BoundaryInfo.DisplayName AS [Boundary Name],
Case v_BoundaryInfo.BoundaryType
When 0 then 'IP Subnet'
When 1 then 'AD Site'
When 2 then 'IPV6 Prefix'
When 3 then 'IP Range'
End As 'Type',
v_BoundaryInfo.Value AS [Value],
v_BoundaryInfo.SiteCode AS [Site Code]
From v_BoundaryInfo WHERE DisplayName LIKE @BoundaryName



Name: BoundaryName

Prompt Text: Boundary Name

Prompt SQL Statement:

if (@__filterwildcard = '')
Select DisplayName from v_BoundaryInfo order by DisplayName
Select DisplayName from v_BoundaryInfo where DisplayName LIKE @__filterwildcard order by DisplayName

2 comments on “SCCM Report: Site Boundaries

  1. how would I use this?

  2. Any idea on SCCM 2012 view? Looks like this view is not available anymore…

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