Reports not updated in SCOM SQL Reporting Service When the Management Pack was Updated

I ran into an issue today. I have updated a report in a management pack. After I updated the version number, sealed it and imported the updated management pack into SCOM, the report that I have modified did not get updated in SQL Reporting Service (SRS). Generally, once a new MP is imported into a management group, within few minutes, the reports within the MP should be deployed to SRS. This was the case when I updated the very same MP in Development environment, but in Production, I waited few hours and nothing has happened. After few hours, I finally

This Blog Has Been Hacked! But Should Be OK Now…

  Over the last few days, it seems my blog has been hacked. some suspicious malware codes have been injected into the WordPress PHP pages. I have just reinstalled WordPress, changed all the passwords and ran another scan. it came out clean. I have manually checked infected pages, the suspicious codes have bee removed. If you are using Google Chrome and saw the warning page when trying to access my blog: I have requested Google to review my site again. Hopefully I’ll get my site removed from the blacklist within few days.

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 Client Management Pack for SCOM

12/08/2012: This MP has been updated. Please refer to this post for more details of the update. The download link in this post has also been updated. Background Over the time, I have seen some issues and challenges for SCCM administrators to effectively and proactively managing SCCM clients.  I have personally seen and experienced some challenging issues. For example: Silent clients due to the SMS agent host service not running. SCCM Clients are reporting to the incorrect site due to the combination of overlapping boundaries and auto site assignment. SCCM Clients missing new functionalities due to Missing SCCM hotfixes (i.e. Power

Disabling Auto Discovery in SCDPM 2010

System Center Data Protection Manager is not something I normally play with. Recently, I’ve been dobbed in to troubleshoot an issue with remote sites network performance at work and the issue ended up was caused by Auto Discovery in DPM 2010. So basically, DPM has this built-in function called “Auto Discovery” which queries the domain controller of its’ own home domain and stores every single domain member servers in its database. This job runs once a day, you can choose the time window of this job, but you can’t really disable it. One of my colleagues has posted this issue

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