Bug Fixes for SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script V2

Since I released the version 2 of the SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script last month, I’ve been made aware there are few bugs in the script. First of all, apologies for not responding to these bugs sooner. I’ve been extremely busy at work and went away for a week attending Australia TechEd in Gold Coast. On top of all work related stuff, my 3-months old daughter occupies most of my spare time… So, here are the 2 bugs that people in the community has found so far: agent name is not displayed in the email subject This is a bug

PowerShell Script To Enable SCOM Agent Proxy in a More Efficient Way

if you search on how to enable SCOM agent proxy for all your SCOM agents using PowerShell, you’ll get lots of posts and scripts that shows you how to do it in SCOM 2007 or 2012. In fact, I have written few back in the days. However, no matter if the script uses SCOM 2007 PowerShell Snap-in, or SCOM 2012 PowerShell module, or even SCOM SDK, there is one limitation: the “ProxyingEnabled” property of the agent class is not one of the search criteria that you can use when retrieving the agent: If you use the SCOM SDK, there are

MP Authoring: Targeting RMS or MS?

I’m writing a write action module for a management pack that I’m currently working on. This module contains a PowerShell script that connects to SCOM SDK service and interacts with agent computers. I originally wrote the script and planed to target the workflow to the RMS. which I thought it would make sense because SDK service runs on it no matter whether the management group version is 2007 or 2012 (RMS Emulator). My initial PowerShell code in the write action module looked something like this: As you can see, I wrote the script to connect to the SDK on the

PowerShell Function: Get-WeekDayInMonth

Often, IT admins need to workout the first/second/third/fourth Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun of any given month. some good examples are: Prepare themselves for Microsoft’s patching Tuesday of each month Planning for any admin tasks caused by Day Light Saving time change So I wrote this simple function today to calculate the date for any given month & year. Here’s the function: the $weekday variable represents the week day you after: 0 Sunday 1 Monday 2 Tuesday 3 Wednesday 4 Thursday 5 Friday 6 Saturday Usage: Example #1: to query the 2nd Tuesday of October 2012: Get-WeekDayInMonth –month 10 –year 2012 –Weeknumber 2 –Weeday

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