OpsLogix Capacity Report Management Pack Overview

Just over a month ago, I have blogged and presented a webcast comparing the OpsLogix Capacity Report Management Pack and the OMS Capacity solution. Since then, an update was released on this management pack and I’d like to take a moment to provide a proper overview for this MP. For those who have not used this management pack and are looking for a solution for capacity forecasting and management, I hope you will have some ideas on the capabilities this management pack provides. Management Pack Introduction The OpsLogix Capacity Report MP provides OpsMgr reports that can be used to forecast

Demo – Creating an OpsLogix ProView Dashboard for an Existing OpsMgr Distributed App

Over the last couple of days, I have spent sometime with OpsLogix ProView.  The OpsLogix ProView is a product that could be a good alternative for the old OpsMgr Visio Add-in. I have recorded a short demo on how to quickly produce a dashboard for an existing Distributed App in OpsMgr. As shown in the diagram below, the window on the right hand side is the original diagram view for a distributed app in the OpsMgr console, and the window on the left and side is what I produced in ProView. You can watch the recorded demo on YouTube:

OpsLogix VMware Management Pack Quick Overview

Recently, I have had chance to evaluate the OpsLogix VMware management pack. In this post, I will discuss my experience with this MP so far. Setup and Configuration Once the MP files are imported , you will be able to import the license from the licensing dashboard in the monitoring pane under the OpsLogix folder. Once the license is imported, you can manually add the VMware vCenter server from the “VMWare IMP COnfiguration dashboard” located under OpsLogix\VMware folder: I have create a service account in AD and give it admin rights in vCenter. I used this account to connect to

Automating OpsLogix Oracle MP Configuration

Introduction One of the flagship management packs from OpsLogix is the Oracle Database MP. This MP provides several GUI driven wizard to help you creating your own monitoring solutions for Oracle by leveraging the OpsMgr management pack templates (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/library/hh457614.aspx). At this stage, the OpsLogix Oracle MP provides the following templates: 01. Oracle Alert Rule template This template allows you to create a rule that checks a value from your oracle environment and generate alerts in the event that the value is detected or missing, depending on the configuration you have specified. 02. Oracle Performance Collection Rule template This template allows

Capacity Planning – OMS Vs. OpsLogix Capacity Reports MP

Introduction When it comes to data center / fabric capacity planning, currently there are 2 major solutions within Microsoft’s System Center and OMS space. These solutions are: OMS Capacity Planning Solution (http://microsoft.com/oms) OpsLogix Capacity Reporting Management Pack for OpsMgr (http://www.opslogix.com/capacity-management-pack/) In this post, I will discuss the differences and similarities between these 2 solutions OMS Capacity Planning Solution Overview The OMS Capacity Planning solution was designed to provide an overview on the current and future utilisation of your virtualisation infrastructure and fabric. It is freely available for all OMS customers (well, you do have to pay for the OMS data

Extending Your OpsMgr Power BI Dashboards to Power BI Sites

Introduction Few days ago, my friend and CDM MVP Cameron Fuller published a great article on how to build Power BI Dashboards for OpsMgr. You can check out Cameron’s post from here: http://blogs.catapultsystems.com/cfuller/archive/2015/12/01/using-power-bi-for-disk-space-dashboards-and-reports-in-operations-manager/ The solution Cameron produced was based on Power BI desktop and OpsMgr Data Warehouse DB, which both are located in your on-premises network. After Cameron has shown us what he has produced, I spent some time, and managed to extend the reports and dashboards that Cameron has created using Power BI Desktop to Power BI sites, which is a cloud-based PaaS solution offered as a part of

Squared Up Released version 2.3

Few weeks ago, the Squared Up folks sent me the preview bits for version 2.3. I haven’t had time to play with it until today. There have already been few posts about v2.3, i.e. the post by Squared Up, and the post by my friend and CDM MVP Daniele Grandini. When I was reading the feature intro that Squared Up sent me, the one feature that really stood out for me was the Open Access Dashboards. You can read the feature description from Squared Up’s post here. So basically, once you’ve made necessary configurations to support this feature and enabled

Automating OpsMgr Part 19: Creating Any Types of Generic Rules

Introduction This is the 19th instalment of the Automating OpsMgr series. Previously on this series: Automating OpsMgr Part 1: Introducing OpsMgrExtended PowerShell / SMA Module Automating OpsMgr Part 2: SMA Runbook for Creating ConfigMgr Log Collection Rules Automating OpsMgr Part 3: New Management Pack Runbook via SMA and Azure Automation Automating OpsMgr Part 4:Creating New Empty Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 5: Adding Computers to Computer Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 6: Adding Monitoring Objects to Instance Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 7: Updated OpsMgrExtended Module Automating OpsMgr Part 8: Adding Management Pack References Automating OpsMgr Part 9: Updating Group Discoveries Automating OpsMgr

Accessing OpsMgr Data on Your Mobile Devices through OMS Mobile Apps

Last year, my friends Cameron Fuller and Blake Wilson from Catapult Systems have written number of posts on “Taking my OpsMgr with me” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5). In their blog post series, Cameron and Blake have demonstrated multiple ways of accessing your OpsMgr data from mobile devices via number of 3rd party applications such as Xian Wings, Squared Up, Savision Live Maps, etc. With the recent release of Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Android and iOS apps, the OMS mobile apps would be another good option when you need to access your OpsMgr data

Top Community Resources for SCOM and OMS Webinar

Few weeks ago, I presented a session on Top Community Resources for SCOM and OMS for Squared Up’s UK community workshop (http://blog.tyang.org/2015/10/05/top-community-resources-for-scom-and-oms/). Squared Up has asked me to present this again for the broader community since it was well received by the audiences from the workshop. So I’m going to present this session few more times. They are free to register and attend. You can find the details from Squared Up’s website: https://squaredup.com/tao-yang-presents-top-community-resources-for-scom-and-oms/ Additionally, after the initial presentation, I notice I forgot to include some awesome resources, I will add them in this time.

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