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MVP Calling for Help From the Community

Written by Tao Yang


SCOMBobOK, I don’t blog about my personal life on this blog at all, and I don’t think I have ever blogged anything that’s not technical or my career related on this blog. Well, this is going to be the first non-technical post on this blog.

If you follow my blog for System Center and OpsMgr related content, you must have also heard the name Bob Cornelissen(Blog, Twitter) before. Bob is a fellow System Center Cloud and Datacenter (SCCDM) MVP from the Netherland. Bob is also one of the authors for the Mastering System Center 2012 Operations Manager book.

Bob is a person that I really respect not only because of his technical expertise and contribution to the community, but also what he is doing out side of his professional career. Being a MVP myself, I know what is sharing knowledge’s and helping communities is all about. It is in our DNA and just a part of what we do. But it is rare to see someone extend his/her kind heart to outside of the technical community, in Bob’s case, to another species – dogs!


Bob and his wife runs a charity dog sanctuary in Thailand. This charity sanctuary is called Leks House of Tails (http://lekshouseoftails.azurewebsites.net/). Bob once told me they have started taking homeless dogs from the streets of Thailand, and started looking after them. When Bob told me if they didn’t take those dogs in, they would have ended up been killed and sold in the market, I know it is true because of my Asian background and I know dog meat is very popular in Asian countries! I grew up in China and only moved to Australia after graduating from high school. I still remember when I was a little boy (around 6-7, or even younger), I once saw few men captured a homeless dog on the street, tied the dog on a tree, and use a big wooden bat beaten the dog to death in the broad daylight! I witness the whole thing as my grandfather stood next to me with 10-20 pedestrians on the street. It’s not something you can easily forget, the image, the sound the dog made, still staying in my head. When I got older, i learnt it is a way to tenderise the meat – by beating the dog to death! So, without Bob and his wife’s help, I don’t even want to think about the destiny of these lovely dogs.

As a previous dog owner, My wife and I once had 2 dogs at the same time. I know how much money and effort is needed in order to take care of our dogs. Imaging what is like for Bob and his wife, looking after 50-60 dogs??  It’s definitely not easy – dogs need food, a roof over their heads, blankets, place to sleep, medicine, carers, etc.

I know Bob wouldn’t publicly asking for help from the community, so I will do it for him:

Those dogs really need our support. We would be greatly appreciate if you could help Leks House of Tails financially: http://lekshouseoftails.azurewebsites.net/?page_id=222

Other than donation, I think there are also other ways that you could help Bob and his dog sanctuary, i.e. placing System Center related adverts on Bob’s blog, etc.

Lastly, our good Friend and fellow CDM MVP Cameron Fuller has also blogged about Leks House of Tails few month ago, you can read Cameron’s article here: http://blogs.catapultsystems.com/cfuller/archive/2015/04/16/what-is-new-and-coming-soon-to-the-microsoft-monitoring-world-and-helping-a-good-cause-opinsights-scom-opsmgr-sysctr/

MVP Renewed For the 2nd Year

Written by Tao Yang

Time flies. It has been one year since I firstly became a MVP in System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management. Last night, I have received the most important email of the year:


I have been renewed for another year! It has certainly been a great journey so far. I’m looking forward to another awesome year!

Session Recording for My Presentation in Microsoft MVP Community Camp Melbourne Event

Written by Tao Yang


Last Friday, I presented in the Melbourne MVP Community Camp day, on the topic of “Automating SCOM Tasks Using SMA”.

I have uploaded the session recording to YouTube. You can either watch it here:

If you’d like to watch it in full screen, please go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW99bVFKg80


Or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW99bVFKg80

You can also download the presentation deck from HERE.

And Here’s the sample script I used in my presentation when I explained how to connect to SCOM management group via SDK:

Overall, I think I could have done better – as I wasn’t in the best shape that day. I have been sick for the last 3 weeks (dry cough passed on to me from my daughter). The night before the presentation, I was coughing none-stop and couldn’t go to sleep. I then got up, looked up the Internet and someone suggested that sleeping upright might help. I then ended up slept on the couch for 2.5 hours before got up and drove to Microsoft’s office. So I was really exhausted even before I got on stage. Secondly, the USB external Microphone didn’t work on my Surface, so the sound was recorded from the internal mic – not the best quality for sure.

Anyways, for those who’s watching the recording online, I’m really interested in hearing back from you if you have any suggestions or feedbacks in regards to the session itself, or the OpsMgrExtended module that I’m about to release. So, please feel free to drop me an email if you like Smile.

Microsoft MVP Community Camp 2015 and My Session for SMA Integration Module: OpsMgrExtended

Written by Tao Yang


On next Friday (30th Jan, 2015), I will be speaking at the Microsoft MVP Community Camp Day in Melbourne. I am pretty excited about this event as this is going to be my first presentation since I have become a System Center MVP in July 2014.

My session is titled “Automating SCOM tasks using SMA”. Although this name sounds a little bit boring, let me assure you, it won’t be boring at all! The stuff I’m going to demonstrate is something I’ve been working on during my spare time over the last 6 month, and so far I’ve already written over 6,000 lines of PowerShell code. Basically, I have created a module called “OpsMgrExtended”. this module can be used as a SMA Integration Module as well as a standalone PoewrShell module. It directly interact with OpsMgr SDKs, and can be used by SMA runbooks or PowerShell scripts to perform some advanced tasks in OpsMgr such as configuring management groups, creating rules, monitors, groups, overrides, etc.

If you have heard or used my OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP, you’d know that I have already automated many maintenance / administrative tasks in this MP, using nothing but OpsMgr itself. In this presentation, I will not be showing you anything that’s already been done by the Self Maintenance MP. I will heavily focus on automating management pack authoring tasks.

To date, I haven’t really discussed this piece of work in details with anyone other than few SCOM focused MVPs (and my wife of course). This is going to be the first time I’m demonstrating this project in public.

In order to help promoting this event, and also, trying to “lure” you to come to my session if you are based in Melbourne, I’ve recorded a short video demonstrating how I’ve automated the creation of a blank MP and then a Performance Monitor rule (with override) using SharePoint, Orchestrator and SMA. I will also include this same demo in my presentation, and it is probably going to be one of the easier ones Smile.

I’ve uploaded the recording to YouTube, you can watch from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX9oSj_eKeY or from below:

Please watch in Youtube and switch to the full screen mode.


If you like what you saw and would like to see more and find out what’s under the hood, please come to this free event next Friday. You can register from here.


This Concludes My Year 2014

Written by Tao Yang

It is one day away from the holiday season of the year. And I have worked HARD over the last few days so I can post my last technical post for the year 2014 before holidays.

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2014 has been a fantastic year for me. Here are some of the highlights for me in 2014:

I’ve been awarded as a Microsoft System Center Cloud and Data Center Management MVP for the first time in 1st July 2014.

This is truly my biggest accomplishment of the year. Not to mention being nominated by one of the most well known community leaders in System Center is an accomplishment by itself.

As part of a project team, the project team and I have successfully implemented one of the largest System Center 2012 infrastructures in the country (based on number of seats and number of System Center components implemented).

For those who knows me well, you probably know which one am I talking about Smile.

Had privilege and opportunity to attend Microsoft Global MVP Summit held in Redmond WA in November

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend such a wonderful event. Although pretty much everything is under NDA, I can’t really talk about the content of the sessions. I think I can share some pictures here (Some taken from the camera on my phone, some from the SLRs of other SCCDM MVPs).








Had opportunities to meet many big names (MVPs and Microsoft employees) in System Center during the MVP summit. Many of those have become good friends too.

I brought a lot of Tim Tam and Kangaroo Jerky to the summit. I didn’t expect Tim Tam to be so popular Smile. If I get awarded again in July 2015, I will make sure I’ll use a bigger suitcase for Tim Tam for the MVP Summit 2015.



Released a few new and updated Management Packs (ConfigMgr client MP, OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP, SCOM Maintenance Mode Scheduler MP, etc.), OpsMgr dashboards, PowerShell Scripts, SMA Modules etc. to the community.

I’ve lost count, but they should be all on this blog Smile.

Have written 63 blog posts (including this one) in total.

I don’t think the number is very high (only about 5 posts per month), but I’m trying my best Smile. Some of these posts are posting MPs, scripts etc. that I have spent a very long time on. Based on the content, I personally think this is quiet an achievement!

Clocked up over 170,000 hits on this blog in 2014 (to date).

Well, I think I still have a long way to go if comparing with some other popular System Center blogs (Not that I will turn this into a pissing contest). However t is a steady increase from 2013. But I’m sure I’ll do better next year.

What’s Next?

If everything goes as planned, this post will be my final words for 2014. I am taking some time off during the holiday seasons (well, not too long, going back to work on 5th Jan).

During my time off, I will probably spend few days working on an automation solution for OpsMgr – Something I’ve been working on during my spare time since August this year. This leads to the next point.

MVP ComCamp 2015


I have been chosen to speak at the MVP Community Camp 2015 in Melbourne on Friday 30th Jan 2015. I will be presenting the topic “Automating SCOM tasks using SMA”. This is something I’ve been working on since August this year. Personally, I think what I have done so far is really cool. This event is going to be held at the Microsoft Melbourne office at Freshwater Place, South Bank, Melbourne. Besides myself, a veteran MVP in System Center ConfigMgr, James Bannan will also deliver a session in Enterprise Mobility Suite in this event.  If you are based in Melbourne, please check out the detail of this event and sessions HERE. I am looking forward to speaking to the Melbourne based System Center folks Smile.

Lastly, I wish everyone have a wonderful time during this holiday season. I will be back in 2015 Smile.

MVP Award

Written by Tao Yang

Last night, I got an email from Microsoft and I have received the MVP Award for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management. I’m so excited and honoured that I have been presented this wonderful award.


I started blogging in this blog 4 years ago because I thought I have learnt a lot from the community and I have something to share. I still remember the day when I sat on the couch setting up this blog while watching South Africa FIFA World Cup back in 2010. now 4 years later, I received this award during Brazil World Cup 2014 Smile.

I’d like to thank everyone in the System Center community for sharing and caring. The following blogs and web sites have been particularly helpful to me along the way (in alphabetical order):

I am looking forward to the next 12 months to come and I’ll definitely be even more involved in such a wonderful community!

By the way, it is good to see my old colleague and friend, the Inside Podcast host Dan Kregor also received his MVP award for the first time yesterday. Congrats Dan!