Broken SCOM Web Console URLs?

I come across a situation where when i click on the web console URL from a SCOM notification email such as this one: http://<SCOM Web Server>/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID=%7b07aac5b0-4cf8-411f-b5a0-cb0075dc0f31%7d I get a HTTP 500 error: I had to change the URL from http://<SCOM Web Server>/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID=%7b07aac5b0-4cf8-411f-b5a0-cb0075dc0f31%7d to http://<SCOM Web Server>/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID={07aac5b0-4cf8-411f-b5a0-cb0075dc0f31} to make it work. It’s quiet painful as %7b and %7d comes as a part of SCOM WebConsole Link variable… For this particular environment, I found out it was caused by Forefront TMG server was blocking encoded URLs for this website. After unticking Verify normalization and Block high bit characters in the TMG rule, the

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SCOM Console Crashes

When I connect SCOM console to one of my clients SCOM 2007 R2 environment, under Authoring Pane, if I change the display scope of Monitors or Rules to “View all target” and select everything: the console crashes. – Maybe there are too many objects for it to handle. After the crash, when I re-launch the console, I cannot go back into Authoring Pane. It crashes everytime I click on “Authoring”. To fix it so I can go back to Authoring Pane, I had to delete this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Console\Navigation\MonitoringConfigNavSettings\ScopedClasses I started the console again after the deletion and

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