Broken SCOM Web Console URLs?

I come across a situation where when i click on the web console URL from a SCOM notification email such as this one: http://<SCOM Web Server>/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID=%7b07aac5b0-4cf8-411f-b5a0-cb0075dc0f31%7d

I get a HTTP 500 error:


I had to change the URL from http://<SCOM Web Server>/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID=%7b07aac5b0-4cf8-411f-b5a0-cb0075dc0f31%7d to http://<SCOM Web Server>/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID={07aac5b0-4cf8-411f-b5a0-cb0075dc0f31} to make it work. It’s quiet painful as %7b and %7d comes as a part of SCOM WebConsole Link variable…

For this particular environment, I found out it was caused by Forefront TMG server was blocking encoded URLs for this website.

After unticking Verify normalization and Block high bit characters in the TMG rule, the encoded URL started working!



  1. Hi, you are correct on this . It only happens when you are not logged in . This is because you are redirected to the scom login page. When redirecting to the login page a return url is constructed , in this process the %7b and %7d are changed to %207b and %207d. This is not a valid URL so the ISA http filter blocks this request. By disabling the verify you can do a workaround. Better is to change the notification. Or wait on the fix of the redirect page. I am already working on this one with MS.
    Michel kamp
    The backbone

  2. Any other details on this:

    I am using SCOM 2012 SP1 . When i receive an email notification with the link it looks like:


    as i click on the link , it redirects to'/monitoringview/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID=%257bc701d537-84a8-4d8a-8f8f-fa279b5615f4%257d‘)

    but it never opens the alert , i do not get any error , but the page stays on loading.

    If i open the web console normally – it opens up fine

    the issue is only when we click the link in notification email

    We do not use TMG

    1. We have the same issue with SCOM 2012 SP1 UR1.
      Do you have find something interesting to solve this issue?


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