Get SCCM site roles using Powershell

You can run the following on the site server to find out the servers holding each SCCM role: $SMSProvider = get-wmiobject sms_providerlocation -namespace root\sms -filter “ProviderForLocalSite = True” $SiteCode = $SMSProvider.SiteCode $ProviderMachine = $SMSProvider.Machine get-wmiobject -Class SMS_SystemResourceList -NameSpace root\sms\site_$SiteCode -Computername $ProviderMachine | format-list RoleName,ServerRemoteName,SiteCode

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Haven’t been able to blog lately

I haven’t been able to blog lately. I have started my new job as a SCCM specialist. I know this blog is mainly focusing SCCM, SCOM and Powershell and so far I have not posted anything SCCM related. So hopefully I will start posting more SCCM related topics.

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