How to locate SCCM Collection Object based on the Collection ID

Often, I found it’s hard to locate the Collection object in the SCCM console if you only know the Collection ID. Couple of weeks ago I ran into a situation where I need to modify the settings of a bunch of collection objects and all I knew was the Collection ID. I wrote a script called Get-CollectionPath that identifies all possible paths to a particular collection (as a collection can be linked to multiple places). The Syntax is: .\Get-CollectionPath <SCCM Central Site Server Name> <Collection ID> Download the script here. [sourcecode language=”powershell”] param([string]$CentralSiteServer,[string[]]$CollectionID) Function Get-CollectionName ($CollectionID) { $CollectionName = (Get-WmiObject

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Hyper-V virtual machines with “Missing” status

I’m currently running Hyper-V R2 on a machine with 24GB of memory at home. It hosts most of my test machines such as SCCM, SCOM, Exchange, etc. System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 (VMM) is installed on a separate box to manage this Hyper-V Host. Few days ago the Hyper-V machine was powered off unexpectly and when it powered back online, in VMM, the status of 2 virtual machines showed as “Missing”. I checked the location where virtual machines are stored and without doubt, the vhd, xml and other files for each virtual machine are still there. I Checked

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Incorrect description in SCCM Report License 03B – Computers with a specific license status (Report ID 350)

On the SCCM Report “License 03B – Computers with a specific license status” (Report ID 350, category Asset Intelligence), the description states there are 5 possible values for license status: This is incorrect. SCCM collects licensing data from client’s WMI class SoftwareLicensingProduct in root\cimv2 namespace and regarding to below MSDN article, there are 7 possible values for LicenseStatus: Below is an example of a server with license status 5 showing up in the SCCM report:

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