Updated: SCCM Health Check PowerShell Script

I have updated the SCCM Health Check Script that I have originally posted here. Download Version 3.1 Here. Changes: 1. The script can now utilise Powershell Remoting to check inboxes sizes. It requires PS-Remoting to be enabled on all SCCM Site Servers. This dramatically reduced the execution time of the script in a multi-tier environment. In a production environment that I support, it reduced the execution time from 1.5 – 2 hours to around 35 minutes!  You can configure which method to use via XML file. To enable, set <PSRemoting><Value> to Enabled. Or Disabled if you want to use the

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Problem with DNS name resolution when using System.Net.DNS class

I recently ran into a problem when writing a PowerShell script to perform DNS Name resolution using .NET class System.Net.DNS (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.net.dns.aspx). I noticed when I’m using System.Net.DNS to perform reverse lookup (GetHostByAddress method), even though the PTR record is missing in DNS, it is still able to resolve the name. It looks like this method connects to the host to retrieve its host name. When the machine is powered off, GetHostByAddress method is unable to resolve the IP address to it’s name (Which is desired result because there is no PTR record in reverse lookup zone): I then powered on

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