SCOM Management Pack: Detecting USB Storage Device Connect and Disconnect Events

There was a requirement at work that people need to be notified when a USB storage device (USB key or portable USB hard disks) is connected or disconnected from SCOM monitored Windows computers. So I wrote a 2 very simple alert generating rules to detect USB Mass Storage Device creation and deletion WMI event. I set both rules to run every 60 seconds so within 60 seconds of the event, an Information alert is generated in SCOM: Alert for USB Storage Device Connection Event: Alert for USB Storage Device Removal Event: I have also created a dynamic group called Virtual

Extend ConfigMgr Hardware Inventory to capture OpsMgr configurations

Download: MOF Extension for OpsMgr Configurations I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and finally found some spare time for it. I want to be able to target OpsMgr (SCOM) agents and servers in ConfigMgr (SCCM) in a more granular way (i.e. all OpsMgr agents that are reporting to a OpsMgr Management Server, or all OpsMgr agents within a OpsMgr management group or All OpsMgr management servers) Therefore, I created these extensions for configuration.mof and sms_def.mof so OpsMgr settings are captured as part of ConfigMgr client hardware inventory. Once loaded in to ConfigMgr and after clients have

Clean Up Old Hardware Inventory Data

In SCCM, after removing WMI classes that are no longer required from configuration.mof and sms_def.mof, the inventory data still exists in few places. If you decide to clean them up, has a great WIKI page for SCCM hardware inventory which talked about different ways to clean up hardware inventory data. I have tried the free SiteSweeper tool from which was mentioned in the WIKI page. It’s easy to use and you can remove multiple classes from site database at once: Other than removing the data from site databases throughout the hierarchy, the WMI class which you defined in

Error 80041001 in InventoryAgent.log after mof files modifications

I’ve been playing with SCCM mof files this weekend. After I’ve extended configuration.mof and sms_def.mof files to inventory a registry key during hardware inventory, I noticed below error logged in InventoryAgent.log on SCCM client: Unknown error encountered processing an instance of class <name of the WMI class>: 80041001 I checked the SCCM client, the WMI class was created correctly, but the inventory data was not loaded in the SCCM database therefore I could not view it in Resource Manager. After gone through both configuration.mof and sms_def.mof many times made sure they are 100% correct, I found this error is actually

Adding New Network Devices to SCOM Using PowerShell

Last week, I needed to write a PowerShell script to add iSCSI SAN devices into SCOM 2007 as network devices. I thought the script would be very straight forward, until I realised there is a limitation using SCOM PowerShell snap-in. To explain it, let me firstly go through how to do this in SCOM console and then I’ll compare this process with using SCOM PowerShell cmdlets. So, to add a new network device using SCOM console, it’s pretty easy: 1. Launch Discovery Wizard and choose “Network Devices” 2. Enter the network device information 3. Select the device from discovery result

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