SCOM: Process Performance Collection Rule for Services

Setting up Performance Collection rules for a particular process is pretty straightforward in SCOM. However, the it has it’s limitations. Process performance collections rules are straightforward to setup, as long as there is ONLY ONE instance of the particular process running on the computers that your rule is targeting. Also, each rule can only collect ONE performance counter. The problem with that is, if I need to collect performance counters for a particular service, i.e. Server Service (lanmanserver) or a particular SQL server instance (when there are multiple SQL instances running on the same server) , I will not be

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SCOM: Powershell Property Bag Trigger Only Probe VS Windows Script Property Bag Probe

When writing a Probe Action Module to run a trigger only PowerShell script and return property bags, Microsoft.Windows.PowerShellPropertyBagTriggerOnlyProbe module can be used. However, there is no trigger only probe module if you want to run VBScript. Below are 2 examples how to create trigger only probe modules for both PowerShell and VBScript: 1. PowerShell Member Modules: Microsoft.Windows.PowerShellPropertyBagTriggerOnlyProbe Data Types: Input: Trigger Only Output: System.PropertyBag Data 2. VBScript: Member Modules: System.PassThroughProbe Microsoft.Windows.ScriptPropertyBagProbe Data Type: Input: Trigger Only Output: System.PropertyBag Data

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