Group Maintenance Mode PowerShell Script Updated

Update – 07, Dec, 2012: the script in this post has been updated to address 2 bugs explained here: Bug Fixes for the Group Maintenance Mode Script Steve Rachui has posted a wonderful PowerShell script to place a group into maintenance mode in SCOM: Place a Group in Maintenance Mode with PowerShell back in 2010. I’ve updated the script today to use SDK rather than SCOM 2007 PS Snap-in so the script works on both SCOM 2007 and OM12. I’ve also made few other changes including change the duration from number of hours to number of minutes to suit my needs.

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My First Impression on PowerShell Web Access

I ran up an instance of Windows Server 2012 in my test lab last night so I can play with various new features such as IPAM and PowerShell Web Access, etc. Today I configured this box as the PowerShell Web Access (PSWA) gateway. I have to say, I am very very impressed! The implementation is easy, took me less than an hour (including time spent reading TechNet articles) and having ability to access PowerShell console on virtually any web browser for all Windows machines in my lab is just fantastic! Now I can probably get away from using RDP most

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