Creating a VBScript file Within a VSAE Project

Not sure if this issue has been blogged before. Yesterday, while I was working on a management pack project, I noticed that if I created a new VBScript file within VSAE (In Visual Studio), the script will not run when I test it in command prompt. To replicate this issue again, I firstly created a brand new VBScript file inside the project: Then added one line to the script and saved it: Now, when tried to run it via the command prompt, I got a error saying there’s an invalid character at position (1,1) – which is the beginning of

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My 2 Cents to the TechNet Subscription

If you have been to my blog before, you probably own or at least know what a TechNet subscription is. And you probably have heard about that Microsoft recently announced that they are retiring this offering. So far the responses within broader IT community towards this are overwhelming. Personally, I believe there is a very healthy IT community for various Microsoft technologies. People (including those MVP’s) help each other out, share their knowledge and experiences. That’s why I felt that I have learned a lot from the community and decided to start this blog 3 years ago to contribute something

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Creating a VSAE Project (Solution) Including Multiple Management Packs

When writing management packs for an application / system, it is very common to have multiple management packs included in the end monitoring solution. i.e. a library MP, a discovery MP, a monitoring MP, etc. Back in the old days when using the OpsMgr 2007 R2 Authoring console, these separate management packs need to be created separately. If one of these MPs (i.e. the library MP) is referenced in other MPs (i.e. discovery MP and monitoring MP), the referenced MP (i.e. the library MP) needs to be developed and sealed prior to making the references in the referencing MPs (i.e.

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