SQL DB Engines Not Discovered in SCOM and My Troubleshooting Experiences

Few days ago while I was in the OpsMgr 2012 console, I realised that all 3 SQL clusters hosting my OpsMgr Ops DBs are not discovered by MS SQL management packs. All other SQL clusters with same version of SQL got discovered (i.e. clusters hosting ConfigMgr 2012 site databases, etc.). Since I backup both sealed and unsealed MPs using my OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP, I went grabbed a unsealed copy (exported to .xml) of “Microsoft.Windows.Server.2012.Discovery” MP, extracted the discovery script “DiscoverSQL2012DBEngineDiscovery.vbs” and tried to run manually on the active node of one of the problematic SQL cluster. the script failed.

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VMware Windows Guest Management Pack

This Monday, I was configuring monitoring for all our System Center 2012 servers as per our Windows support team’s requirement. Since all the virtual machines for our System Center 2012 servers are hosted on VMware ESX, they want to monitor the VMware Tools service on these guest VM’s. Since it was Monday morning and I had one bottle of wine the night before, I thought instead of write it myself, I’ll see if I can find a MP for this from the community so my brain can have a bit of rest. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much luck as

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