PowerShell Functions: Get OpsMgr Alert Generating Rules and Monitors

This is my second post today. Bad weather, both wife and daughter have got flu. So I’m sitting home catching up with blogs… I wrote 2 functions as part of a PowerShell script I’ve been working on: Get-AlertRules and Get-AlertMonitors. As the names suggest, these two functions get all Rules / Monitors of a particular monitoring class that generate alerts. I didn’t end up using these 2 functions in my script, but I thought they are too good to be trashed. so I thought I’ll put them here for future reference. Get-AlertRules: [code language=”PowerShell”] Function Get-AlertRules { PARAM ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="OpsMgr

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Remotely Powering On and Off My Entire Home Lab

My home lab consists of 3 PCs running Hyper-V and a HP Proliant Microserver N54L running SCVMM. I have previously blogged the lab setup in a 2-part blog posts (Part 1, Part 2). These 2 blog articles was written back in October 2012, although there are few changes in the current setup (new hardware, etc), but the overall setup is pretty much the same. All 4 machines in my lab have been constantly running 24×7, except when we go on holidays or there’s a power outage (which doesn’t happen very often). This is largely because I just can’t be bothered

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