OpsMgr 2012: A Trick to Drive Another Contextual Widget From PowerShell Grid Widget

PowerShell Grid widget and PowerShell Web Browser Widget were released as part of OpsMgr 2012 SP1 UR6 and R2 UR2. To me, these two widgets have opened a window of opportunities, because by using PowerShell, it allows OpsMgr 2012 users to customise and present the data exactly the way they wanted on dashboards. Since it has been released, many people have share their work. Recently, Microsoft has started a new repository for the PowerShell widgets in TechNet Gallery. The best article for the PowerShell Grid Widget that I have seen so far is from Oleg Kapustin’s blog: SCOM Powershell Grid

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New OpsMgr 2012 Dashboards Repository in TechNet Gallery

With the recent release of OpsMgr 2012 SP1 UR6 and R2 UR2, number of new dashboard widgets have been made available. The PowerShell Grid Widget and PowerShell Web Browser Widget are 2 of my favourite ones. Microsoft has just created a new repository for the community to share their scripts and dashboards. This repository is located in the TechNet Gallery Script Center. You can access it from this direct link: http://bit.ly/Wy168U. or go to the script center and browse to: System Center > Operations Manager Dashboards: Looks like the product team has already posted 4 samples in the first day.

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