Automating OpsMgr Part 14: Creating Event Collection Rules

Introduction This is the 14th installment of the Automating OpsMgr series. Previously on this series: Automating OpsMgr Part 1: Introducing OpsMgrExtended PowerShell / SMA Module Automating OpsMgr Part 2: SMA Runbook for Creating ConfigMgr Log Collection Rules Automating OpsMgr Part 3: New Management Pack Runbook via SMA and Azure Automation Automating OpsMgr Part 4:Creating New Empty Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 5: Adding Computers to Computer Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 6: Adding Monitoring Objects to Instance Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 7: Updated OpsMgrExtended Module Automating OpsMgr Part 8: Adding Management Pack References Automating OpsMgr Part 9: Updating Group Discoveries Automating OpsMgr

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OpsMgr Alert Console Task For Squared Up

I have just created 2 alert console tasks in OpsMgr for Squared Up: View Alert in Squared Up View Alert Source Object in Squared Up These 2 tasks will open the selected alert and alert source object in Squared UpĀ  respectively using your default browser: Squared Up Alert View: Squared Up Monitoring Object view (Alert Source Object): the management pack containing these 2 tasks can be downloaded at the end of this article. In order to use this MP, you will need to modify 2 lines: You need to open the unsealed MP (xml) in a text editor (such as

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