PowerShell Script to Deploy Subscription Level ARM Templates

Introduction In my previous post, I demonstrated how to deploy Azure Policy definitions that require input parameters via ARM templates. as I mentioned in that post, at the time of writing, the tooling has not been updated to allow subscription level ARM template deployments. The only possible way to deploy such template right now is via the ARM REST API. I have a requirement to deploy subscription level templates in VSTS pipelines. since I can’t use the native AzureRM PowerShell module or the Azure Resource Group Deployment VSTS task, I had to create a PowerShell script that can be used

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Using ARM Templates to Deploying Azure Policy Definitions That Requires Input Parameters

Recently, Kristian Nese from Microsoft published a sample subscription level ARM template that deploys Azure Policy definition and assignment on his GitHub repo. For me, this is good timing since I was just about to start a piece of work designing a collection of custom policy definitions. My end goal is deploying the custom definitions and assignments to multiple environment using VSTS CI/CD pipelines. After spending few days on this task, I finally got it working. During this process, I faced several challenges: At the time of writing, AzureRM PowerShell module and VSTS ARM deployment task has not been updated

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