SCOM Self Maintenance Management Pack for SCOM 2019 now available

Good news! OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP v3.1 is now available from Whats New? SCOM 2016, 1801/1807 and 2019 support Retired the 2007 version of the MP Completely re-written the MP with a new name Several new monitors Various bug fixes decommissioned OMS add-on MP Additional quick start override MP Self Maintenance MP now owned/maintained by Cookdown Who are Cookdown? Cookdown are a new company span out from Squared Up (known for awesome HTML 5 dashboards for SCOM + Azure). Cookdown where setup specifically to solve the challenges SCOM faces today – SCOM continues to be used in large

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Configuring Azure Management Group Hierarchy Using Azure DevOps

Previously, I have published a 3-part blog series on deploying Azure Policy Definitions via Azure DevOps (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). It covered one aspect of implementing Azure Governance using code and pipelines. There are at least 2 additional areas I haven’t covered: Configuring Management Group hierarchy Policy & Initiative assignments In this post, I’ll cover how I managed to implement the management group hierarchy using Azure DevOps. I will cover policy & initiative assignment in a future blog post. Problem Statement Before I dive into the technical details, I’d like to firstly explain why is this required? In

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