Puppet Facts Detecting Cloud Providers for Windows VMs

I’m currently working on a Puppet Module for Windows Server. This module needs to detect which public cloud platform is the Windows server running on. More specifically, Azure, or GCP or AWS. To do so, I can either write a custom Puppet fact in Ruby, or an external fact (i.e. in PowerShell). So I’ve written both. The custom fact (cloud.rb) is placed in the lib/facter folder in the module. The external fact (cloud.ps1) is placed in the facts.d folder in the module. Custom Fact: View the code on Gist. External Fact: View the code on Gist. To test, you can

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Presenting in Microsoft Ignite the Tour Sydney 2020

Next week, I will attend the Microsoft Ignite the Tour in Sydney and present a session on Azure Monitor and Azure Pipelines with fellow Azure MVP Alex Verkinderen. Our Session is called “Azure Monitor – Design and Implement a Monitoring Solution for Your Azure Environment using ARM Templates and CI/CD Pipelines”. This is a deep dive level 400 session on implementing monitoring solutions using Azure Pipelines based on real-world experience. If you are planning to attend Microsoft Ignite the Tour next week in Sydney, I encourage you to attend our session.

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