Powershell Function: Get-AllDomains (in a forest)

I wrote this Powershell function today as part of a script I’m working on. It is to get a list of Active Directory domains within an Active Directory forest using ADSI: [sourcecode language=”Powershell”] Function Get-AllDomains { $Root = [ADSI]"LDAP://RootDSE" $oForestConfig = $Root.Get("configurationNamingContext") $oSearchRoot = [ADSI]("LDAP://CN=Partitions," + $oForestConfig) $AdSearcher = [adsisearcher]"(&(objectcategory=crossref)(netbiosname=*))" $AdSearcher.SearchRoot = $oSearchRoot $domains = $AdSearcher.FindAll() return $domains } [/sourcecode] I don’t have any child domains in my test environment, but if you run this on a domain member computer, it will list all child domains as well as the parent forest domain (I’ve tested in the production environment).

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