My Journey to a Smarter Home (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of the blog series. I have covered my home network setup using Ubiquiti Unifi devices in part 1, you can find it here. In this part, I will discuss the home automation solutions I have put in place using various products from Xiaomi and their Mi Home ecosystem partners. My cousin is a HUGE Xiaomi fan. Back in 2013, during my holiday in China, he showed me his Xiaomi phone and the Mi Box. I “felt in love” with Xiaomi products ever since. Xiaomi is a fairly young company, only founded in 2010. It has

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Injecting Event Log Export from .evtx Files to OMS Log Analytics

Over the last few days, I had an requirement injecting events from .evtx files into OMS Log Analytics. A typical .evtx file that I need to process contains over 140,000 events. Since the Azure Automation runbook have the maximum execution time of 3 hours, in order to make the runbook more efficient, I also had to update my OMSDataInjection PowerShell module to support bulk insert ( I have publish the runbook on GitHub Gist: View the code on Gist. Note: In order to use this runbook, you MUST use the latest OMSDataInjection module (version 1.1.1) because of the bulk insert.

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Automating OpsMgr Part 7: Updated OpsMgrExtended Module

Introduction This is the 7th instalment of the Automating OpsMgr series. Previously on this series: Automating OpsMgr Part 1: Introducing OpsMgrExtended PowerShell / SMA Module Automating OpsMgr Part 2: SMA Runbook for Creating ConfigMgr Log Collection Rules Automating OpsMgr Part 3: New Management Pack Runbook via SMA and Azure Automation Automating OpsMgr Part 4:Creating New Empty Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 5: Adding Computers to Computer Groups Automating OpsMgr Part 6: Adding Monitoring Objects to Instance Groups I dedicated part 4-6 on creating and managing groups using the OpsMgrExtended module. I was going to continue on this topic and demonstrate how

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