Cross-Blog: How to Create Azure Monitor Alerts for Non-Compliant Azure Policies

Recently, I have been asked to contribute to Microsoft’s ITOps Talk blog. My first article “How to Create Azure Monitor Alerts for Non-Compliant Azure Policies” have just been published. You can read it here:

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Configuring Azure Resources Diagnostic Log Settings Using Azure Policy

In an Azure Policy definition, the “effect” section defines the behaviour of the policy if defined conditions are met. For example, the “Deny” effect will block the resource from being deployed in the first place, “Append” will add a set of properties to the resource you are deploying before being deployed by the ARM engine, and “DeployIfNotExists” deploys a resource if it does not already exist. In the old days, the biggest limitation I have faced was the use of “DeployIfNotExists” effect was only limited to built-in policies. In another word, If Microsoft hasn’t already created a policy for you,

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