Presenting in Microsoft Ignite the Tour Sydney 2020

Next week, I will attend the Microsoft Ignite the Tour in Sydney and present a session on Azure Monitor and Azure Pipelines with fellow Azure MVP Alex Verkinderen. Our Session is called “Azure Monitor – Design and Implement a Monitoring Solution for Your Azure Environment using ARM Templates and CI/CD Pipelines”. This is a deep dive level 400 session on implementing monitoring solutions using Azure Pipelines based on real-world experience. If you are planning to attend Microsoft Ignite the Tour next week in Sydney, I encourage you to attend our session.

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Squared Up Dashboard Community Initiative

It has been over 3 months since I started working for Squared Up. If you ask me my impression about Squared Up, I believe they truly care about the System Center community. Over the last few months, the folks at Squared Up have been working on an initiative to create a community dashboard repository, where everyone can submit and share their Squared Up dashboards with the broader community. With the recent release of Squared Up version 2.1.11, exporting and importing dashboards have been made incredibly easy. I have made a short demo video and uploaded to YouTube: Or watch it

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