Visualising OMS Agent Heartbeat Data in Power BI

Introduction Few days ago, the OMS product team has announced the OMS Agent Heartbeat capability. If you haven’t read about it, you can find the post here: In this post, Nini, the PM for the agent heartbeat feature explained how to create custom views within OMS portal to visualize the agent heartbeat data. Funny that I also started working on something similar around the same time, but instead of creating visual presentations within OMS, I did it Power BI. I managed to create couple of Power BI reports for the OMS agent heartbeat, using both native and custom Power

Demo – Creating an OpsLogix ProView Dashboard for an Existing OpsMgr Distributed App

Over the last couple of days, I have spent sometime with OpsLogix ProView.  The OpsLogix ProView is a product that could be a good alternative for the old OpsMgr Visio Add-in. I have recorded a short demo on how to quickly produce a dashboard for an existing Distributed App in OpsMgr. As shown in the diagram below, the window on the right hand side is the original diagram view for a distributed app in the OpsMgr console, and the window on the left and side is what I produced in ProView. You can watch the recorded demo on YouTube:

Extending Your OpsMgr Power BI Dashboards to Power BI Sites

Introduction Few days ago, my friend and CDM MVP Cameron Fuller published a great article on how to build Power BI Dashboards for OpsMgr. You can check out Cameron’s post from here: The solution Cameron produced was based on Power BI desktop and OpsMgr Data Warehouse DB, which both are located in your on-premises network. After Cameron has shown us what he has produced, I spent some time, and managed to extend the reports and dashboards that Cameron has created using Power BI Desktop to Power BI sites, which is a cloud-based PaaS solution offered as a part of

Squared Up Released version 2.3

Few weeks ago, the Squared Up folks sent me the preview bits for version 2.3. I haven’t had time to play with it until today. There have already been few posts about v2.3, i.e. the post by Squared Up, and the post by my friend and CDM MVP Daniele Grandini. When I was reading the feature intro that Squared Up sent me, the one feature that really stood out for me was the Open Access Dashboards. You can read the feature description from Squared Up’s post here. So basically, once you’ve made necessary configurations to support this feature and enabled

Displaying OpsMgr Events Data in Squared Up Dashboards

For those who’s been using Squared Up dashboards for your OpsMgr environments, you’d probably know that currently Squared Up does not have a plug-in for OpsMgr event data, thus you cannot display event data collected by OpsMgr on a Squared Up dashboard natively. However, since Squared Up does have a SQL plugin and the OpsMgr event data is stored in OpsMgr databases, I’d like to show you a way of displaying event data using the SQL Plugin today. When developing event collection rules for an OpsMgr management pack, MP developers generally would configure the collection rule to store the collected

Squared Up Dashboards Community

Squared Up has recently established a brand new web site: This is where everyone in the community is able to share Squared Up dashboards. So, it’s pretty similar to TechNet Gallery, but only for Squared Up dashboards. So far, I have produced dashboards for all products in the System Center 2012 (R2)suite. I am planning to share few more dashboards via this site, but for now, I’d like to show you what I have shared so far, and what other awesome dashboards a currently available for download. My System Center 2012 R2 Suite Dashboards ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Download from:

Squared Up Dashboard Community Initiative

It has been over 3 months since I started working for Squared Up. If you ask me my impression about Squared Up, I believe they truly care about the System Center community. Over the last few months, the folks at Squared Up have been working on an initiative to create a community dashboard repository, where everyone can submit and share their Squared Up dashboards with the broader community. With the recent release of Squared Up version 2.1.11, exporting and importing dashboards have been made incredibly easy. I have made a short demo video and uploaded to YouTube: Or watch it

Geo-Location Squared Up Bing Map Dashboard

Before I started working for Squared Up, the very first project we talked about was producing Bing Maps dashboard in Squared Up. I started working on this project after I finished the OpsMgr Data Warehouse Health Check script. And I’m please to announce we have just published the Bing Maps Dashboard solution on Squared Up’s website: These are some of the sample dashboards I produced in my lab: Example #1: World Map (Multi-Objects): Example #2: Australia Map (Multi-Objects): Example #3: Melbourne Aerial Map (Multi-Objects): Example #4: Single Object Street Map (of my local pub): Do you want to know

World and Country Maps for Squared Up Visio Dashboard

In the recently released Inside System Center Podcast Episode 2: Dashboarding, I have demonstrated few Visio map dashboards in Squared Up. i.e. World Map: USA Map: Australia Map: These maps can be easily found via your favourite search engine (i.e. search “SVG maps”). I managed to find a good site where you can download the maps for most of the countries in SVG format: Once the .svg maps are downloaded, you can open it in Visio 2013, and start mapping the data to each shape like you normally wound with Squared Up Visio Plugin: Tip: Sometimes, the shape that

Inside System Center Podcast Episode 2: Dashboarding

Last week, Pete Zerger, Lee Berg, Cameron Fuller and myself got together and recorded the second episode for the new Inside System Center Podcast series. The topic was OpsMgr dashboards. This episode was published last night, you can watch it on YouTube: Pete has also put together some show notes, which can be found on his new blog:

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