100 Days of Infrastructure as Code in Azure

I have been asked to contribute to the 100 Days of IaC in Azure project started by Ryan Irujo (@reirujo) and Pete Zerger (@pzerger). I accepted the invitation and have already contributed 4 articles for this project. Right now we are not even half way through the 100 articles yet, I’m planning to continue contributing in the coming weeks. Both Pete and Ryan are extremely talented in this field, I am very pleased to be part of this awesome project. If you are focusing on Azure, Infrastructure as Code or DevOps, I strongly recommend you to check this out: https://bit.ly/100DaysOfIaC.

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Deploying PowerShell Module from GitHub to a MyGet Feed using VSTS CI/CD Pipeline

Introduction Lately I have been playing with VSTS and its CI/CD capabilities. Since I have been writing a lot of PowerShell modules and I’m using GitHub and MyGet in this kind of projects, I thought a good scenario to build is to use VSTS CI/CD pipeline to automatically deploy the module from GitHub to my MyGet feed whenever I commit to the master branch for the particular PS module. In summary, this is the process: I commit code changes to master branch VSTS starts the build process (CI) fetch the artefact run pester test making sure the module can be

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