OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack

26/10/2015 Update: It has been identified the unsealed override MP was not included in the download, and also there was a small error in “Known Issue” section (section 8) of the MP guide. Therefore I have just updated the download which now included the override MP and updated MP guide. However, if you have already downloaded the version, and only after the override MP, you can download it from HERE. 18/09/2015 Update: A bug has been identified in version, where the newly added Data Warehouse DB staging tables row count performance collection rules is causing issues with the

Automating OpsMgr Part 1: Introducing OpsMgrExtended PowerShell / SMA Module

Background The OpsMgrExtended PowerShell and SMA module is a project that I have been working on since August last year. I am very glad that it is now ready to be released to the community. This module is designed to fill some gaps in the current OpsMgr automation solutions provided natively in System Center 2012 suite. This module can be used as a System Center Service Management Automation (SMA) Integration Module, as well as a standalone PowerShell module. Currently, the following products are available when comes to creating automation solutions for OpsMgr: OpsMgr native PowerShell module OpsMgr Integration Pack for System

Updated ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Client Management Pack Version

Background It’s only been 2 weeks since I released the last update of this MP (version Soon after the release, Mr. David Allen, a fellow System Center CDM MVP contacted me, asked me to test his SCCM Compliance MP, and possibly combine it with my ConfigMgr 2012 Client MP. In the ConfigMgr 2012 Client MP, the OVERALL DCM baselines compliance status are monitored by the DCM Agent class, whereas in David’s SCCM Compliance MP, each DCM Baseline is discovered as a separate entity and monitored separately. Because of the utilisation of Cook Down feature, comparing with the approach in

ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Client Management Pack Updated to Version

4th October, 2014: This MP has been updated to Version Please download the latest version from this page: http://blog.tyang.org/2014/10/04/updated-configmgr-2012-r2-client-management-pack-version-1-2-0-0/. OK, after few weeks of hard work, the updated version of the ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Client MP is finally here. The big focus in this release is to reduce the noise this MP generates. In the end, besides the new and updated components I have introduced in this MP, I also had to update every single script used by the monitors and rule. The changes since previous version (v1.0.1.0) are listed below: Bug Fixes: Software Update agent health not rolled up (dependency

OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance Management Pack

This blog has been a bit quiet lately because of 2 reasons: FIFA World Cup and I’ve been updating the OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance MP. 🙂 What’s new in version Corrected spelling mistake in Management Server maintenance mode watcher display name Updated knowledge article for OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance Detect Manually Closed Monitor Alerts Rule Additional Monitor: OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance Management Server Default Action Account OpsMgr Admin Privilege Monitor Additional Monitor: OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance Management Server Default Action Account Local Admin Privilege Monitor Additional Rule: OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance Obsolete Management Pack Alias Detection Rule Additional Agent

Management Pack for the SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler

I’ve been working on a SCOM management pack during my spare time over the last couple of weeks. This management pack provides some basic monitoring for the SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler Version 2 developed by Tim McFadden (http://www.scom2k7.com/scom-2012-maintenance-mode-scheduler-2/). The purpose of this MP solution is to help this web-based maintenance mode scheduler integrate better within SCOM. The solution contains 2 management pack files. The following items are included: Class definitions and discoveries for the SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler. The monitoring MP defines 2 classes. a Microsoft.Windows.ComputerRole based class called “SCOM 2012 Maintenance Mode Scheduler”, which has many properties

ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) Clients Management Pack Released

Time flies, I can’t believe it’s been over 7 months since I posted the beta version of the ConfigMgr 2012 client MP for testing. I haven’t forgotten about this MP (because it’s one of the deliverables for the System Center 2012 upgrade project that I’ve been working on for the last 12 months or so). Today, I finally managed to finish updating this MP, it is ready for final release (Version I didn’t manage to get many feedbacks since the beta version was released. so it’s either a good thing that everyone’s happy about it, or it’s really bad

OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance Management Pack Update (Version

I have been extremely busy lately. Although I had few new ideas for the OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance MP for a while, I couldn’t find time to update it. This weekend, I managed to find some spare time and updated this management pack. What’s new? Updated the Close Aged Rule Generated Alerts Rule Awhile back, someone suggested me to add a comment to the alert when it’s being closed by this rule. I think it’s a good idea, so I’ve updated this rule. now any alerts closed by this rule will have a comment “Closed by OpsMgr 2012 Self Maintenance

OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack Updated to Version

I’ve updated the OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP for OpsMgr 2012 again this weekend. the latest version is now The following is what’s new in this version: Bug fix for the MP backup rule The alert parameter and alert message was configured incorrectly. when the alert is generated for the failed backup, the error from the script was not displayed in the alert description: This is now fixed, the alert description is correctly displayed: New Rule: Detect Manually Closed Monitor-Generated Alerts As any OpsMgr operators /administrators should know, monitor generated alerts should not be closed manually. There are many articles

OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack Version

I have published the OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack Version 1.0 on this blog few months ago. Over the last couple of month, I’ve been working on the version of this MP during my spare time. It has taken a lot longer than I thought because it was hard for me to find blocks of spare time to sit down and work on it. It is now complete and the list below is what has been added / changed in the version A rule that detects user-defined overrides in the Default MP A rule that configures failover management

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