A Simple Dynamic DNS Solution Based on Azure PaaS Services

Background Many of us have used some kind of dynamic DNS services in the past. It is particularly useful for home network since it is very rare that ISPs provide static IP addresses free of charge nowadays. Most of the home broadband modem and routers support some kind of dynamic DNS services. I’ve used a popular dynamic DNS provider many years ago. Back then, it was free. Then they started charging people for using their service. I think having to pay $50+ per year is too much for such simple service. Luckily my home broadband plan came with a static

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Configuring Azure Resources Diagnostic Log Settings Using Azure Policy

In an Azure Policy definition, the “effect” section defines the behaviour of the policy if defined conditions are met. For example, the “Deny” effect will block the resource from being deployed in the first place, “Append” will add a set of properties to the resource you are deploying before being deployed by the ARM engine, and “DeployIfNotExists” deploys a resource if it does not already exist. In the old days, the biggest limitation I have faced was the use of “DeployIfNotExists” effect was only limited to built-in policies. In another word, If Microsoft hasn’t already created a policy for you,

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