Pester Test Your ARM Template in Azure DevOps CI Pipelines

Introduction It is fair to say, I have spent a lot of time on Pester lately. I just finished up a 12 months engagement with a financial institute here in Melbourne. During this engagement, everyone in the project team had to write tests for any patterns / pipelines they are developing. I once even wrote a standalone pipeline only to perform Pester tests. One of the scenario we had to cater for is: How can you ensure the ARM template you are deploying only deploys the resources that you intended to deploy? In another word, if someone has gone rogue

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PowerShell Module: PSPesterTest

Few weeks ago, the customer I was working for has a requirement that all the PowerShell scripts and in-house written modules must be validated against PSScriptAnalyzer as part of the build pipelines before it is implemented to their Azure environments in release pipelines. The validation must be performed using Pester so the test results can be easily consumed in the VSTS projects (i.e. dashboards). Luckily, I found this blog post:, so I used this post as the starting point, and created a PowerShell module that performs pester test by invoking PS Script Analyzer rules. I named this module PSPesterTest.

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