OpsMgr 2016 Agent Crashes SharePoint 2016 Site

Today I pushed the SCOM 2016 agent to my newly installed SharePoint 2016 server via the SCOM console. My SCOM management group is on 2016 RTM UR 3. Once the SCOM agent was installed, I could not launch SharePoint Central Admin site after a reboot. After turned off the custom error in web.config, I could see the exception: This is caused by the known issue with SCOM 2016 agent APM component (Application Performance Monitoring). My good friend Kevin Greene has already blogged this: http://kevingreeneitblog.blogspot.com.au/2017/03/scom-2016-agent-crashing-legacy-iis.html So to fix my issue, I followed Kevin’s instruction – reinstalled the SCOM agent using MOMAgent.msi

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Deploying OpsMgr 2016 TP3 with Minimum Windows Server GUI requirements

Background This blog has been a little bit quiet over the last couple of weeks as I have been busy working on few projects that are yet to be finalised to be released to the public. Few days ago, there was a private conversation between few SCCDM MVPs – we were trying to figure out how to configure the IE settings on a management server in order to complete the OMS registration process using the console on the management server itself. As the result of that conversation, I raised question if OpsMgr can be installed on Windows Server Core because

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