OpsLogix Capacity Report Management Pack Overview

Just over a month ago, I have blogged and presented a webcast comparing the OpsLogix Capacity Report Management Pack and the OMS Capacity solution. Since then, an update was released on this management pack and I’d like to take a moment to provide a proper overview for this MP. For those who have not used this management pack and are looking for a solution for capacity forecasting and management, I hope you will have some ideas on the capabilities this management pack provides. Management Pack Introduction The OpsLogix Capacity Report MP provides OpsMgr reports that can be used to forecast

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OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack

Background I had this idea to automate some repetitive maintenance tasks that every SCOM administrator perform regularly via a management pack. So I started to write a OpsMgr self maintenance MP during my spare time around July last year, right after my baby girl Rosie was born. since then, I’ve got side-tracked many times, i.e. left for TechEd in September for a week, studying for ConfigMgr 2012 exam, studying for the 3 Windows Server 2012 MCSA exams, writing other management packs such as the Weather monitoring MP, etc. This MP has been sitting there 90% completed for months. Few of

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Setting SMS_INSTALL_DIR_PATH Environment variable on SCCM site servers for SCOM SCCM management pack

According to the “Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Management Pack User’s Guide for Operations Manager 2007 R2 and Operations Manager 2007 SP1” (for MP version 6.0.6000.2), An environment variable named “SMS_INSTALL_DIR_PATH” needs to be created on all SCCM site servers. I had to do this on 80+ site servers, so I thought why not do this using a script and let SCCM to push it out to all site servers? Therefore, I wrote a VBScript Set-EnvirVar-For-SCOM.vbs (I didn’t use PowerShell this time because it is easier to push out VBScripts via SCCM). Source Code: [sourcecode language=”vbnet”] Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _

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