OpsMgr Alerts Push Notification to iOS (And Android, And Windows Phone) Devices

Last week, I’ve posted a solution for OpsMgr alerts push notification to Android devices, which was inspired by Stefan Stranger’s post for push notification for Windows Phone devices. Few iPhone lovers at work asked me, “what about iphones?” My response was, “Do I really care?? Why would I spend my time polishing a turd?” But then I thought, I might as well do it, just to close the circle. Al though I hate any Apple products (except the old 160GB iPod Classic, which I still use), I’ve spent some time to work out how to do the same for iOS

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Duplicate OpsMgr Alert Notifications Caused by Service Manager’s OpsMgr Alert Connector And Ways Around It.

Background Few days ago, I posted an article: OpsMgr Alerts Push Notification to Android Devices. In my lab, I have created a subscription to notify me all new critical alerts using this channel: In the first few days, I wasn’t paying too much attention when every time I get spammed by these push notifications on my phone, 2 days ago, I realised every new critical alerts gets pushed to my phone twice and two notifications are 1-2 minutes apart: Cause After some troubleshooting, I found the Service Manager’s OpsMgr Alert Connector is causing this issue. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s

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OpsMgr Alerts Push Notification to Android Devices

Update 07 April 2013: I’ve updated this script again to support iOS devices and removed the requirements for PowerShell version 3. The updated script can be found here here. Background Stefan Stranger has written a 2-part blog post on how to use Windows Phone push notification for OpsMgr alerts. Stefan’s posts can be found here: Part 1 Part 2 I got so excited about this idea, but I’m a big fan for Android when comes to mobile devices. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet – both of them are

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