SMA Management Pack Could Not Connect To Database Alerts – My Troubleshooting Experience

I’ve setup 2 servers for the SMA environment in my lab a while back. Yesterday, I loaded the SMA MP (version into my OpsMgr management group. Needless to say, I followed the MP guide and configured the Database RunAs profile. However, soon after the MP is loaded, I started getting these 2 alerts: The Service Management Automation web service could not connect to the database. The Service Management Automation worker server could not connect to the database. To troubleshoot these alerts, I firstly unsealed the management pack, as this is where the monitors are coming from. The Data

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Using SCOM To Count Logs and Produce Reports

Recently, I’ve been asked twice to produce daily reports involves counting some kind of logs: Scenario 1: The support team need to count number of Application event log entries of events with a specific event ID. A daily report is required to list the number for each computer. Scenario 2: An application produces a log file each day. The support team need to count the number of a specific phrase appeared in previous day’s log file. A daily report is required to list the count number for each computer. The solution I produced for both scenarios are very similar. so

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Disabling Auto Discovery in SCDPM 2010

System Center Data Protection Manager is not something I normally play with. Recently, I’ve been dobbed in to troubleshoot an issue with remote sites network performance at work and the issue ended up was caused by Auto Discovery in DPM 2010. So basically, DPM has this built-in function called “Auto Discovery” which queries the domain controller of its’ own home domain and stores every single domain member servers in its database. This job runs once a day, you can choose the time window of this job, but you can’t really disable it. One of my colleagues has posted this issue

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