SCCM Health Check PowerShell Script Updated to Version 3.3

1 minute read

I have updated the SCCM Health Check Script again. The latest version is now 3.3.

Below is what’s been updated since my last post for version 3.1:

  1. Fixed the bug where when using DOTNET sending emails to multiple recipients, it only sends to the first recipient from the list.
  2. It now zip the txt attachment to zip file before sending it. this is to improve the performance and avoid sending large attachments.
  3. Added functionality to check all current active package distribution
  4. Able to create exemptions for DNS suffix check. This can be configured in the XML. (this is required at work as there a HOST record is created for central site server in another forest because there’s no forwarders setup between 2 forests.)
  5. Improved DNS checks
  6. Fixed the bug when SQL DB is not running under default instance. The script now reads SQL DB location from primary site server's registry.

The script package now contains an additional file ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll This is an open source project from This file is used to zip txt attachment.

The script now contains the following files:


I’ve also been told the DNS check does not work well when SQL DB is on a cluster. I don’t have access to a SQL cluster where I can diagnose the problem. So please just be aware.

The script can be downloaded here. Please remember to customise the “Health-Check.XML” file before running it.

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