ConfigMgr 2007 Inbox (Outbox) Monitor: Could not complete polling cycle within configured period

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Starting few weeks ago, In the SCCM environment which I support, all site servers located in one country started generating status messages similar to below every 15 minutes:

SMS Inbox Monitor took 3627 seconds to complete a cycle.  This exceeds its configured interval of 900 seconds by 2727 seconds.


These messages are also logged in Site server’s application log. SCOM also detects it and generated warning alerts:



After reviewing inboxmgr.log, I noticed the time stamp for the log entries was 1 hour ahead of the system time. This also happens to the other SCCM log files. I then noticed the day light saving for that particular time zone has ended few weeks ago and the SCCM services has not been restarted since then.

Cause: SCCM services have not been restarted since system time changed.

Solution: I restarted SMS_EXECUTIVE and SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER services on affected site servers. and the system has stopped generating these messages. and time stamp for status messages are now back to normal.

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