SCCM Health Check Script Updated: Version 3.5

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I have just updated the SCCM Health Check Script to from version 3.3 to 3.5

Version 3.4 was finished a while back but I never got time to publish it in this blog. I only emailed 3.4 to few people who contacted me from my blog. Now that I’ve updated it again to 3.5, I thought I’ll just publish version 3.5.

What’s Changed Since 3.3?

  1. Added site system name under 'site systems with issues' section
  2. Detect site components that are missing heartbeats.
  3. Changed function Validate-DNSRecord to use Win32_ComputerSystem.caption rather than DNSHostname to retrieve computer name as DNSHostName is not available on computers before Windows 2008.

Update Instruction

A new item has been added to the configuration XML (Health-Check.xml):    <MaxMissingHeartBeatTolerance> <Hours>24</Hours> </MaxMissingHeartBeatTolerance>

As the name suggest, the script raises any site systems as problematic if it has not sent heartbeat for over the X number of hours that you configured in XML (in my example, it’s 24 hours).

You may keep the old XML that you have already configured for your environment as long as you add the following lines in the Health-Check.XML:



You can download version 3.5 HERE.

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