OpsMgr Weather Monitoring MP Updated

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I got an email from someone up in Sweden the other day in regards to the Weather Monitoring MP that I released few months ago. I’ve been made aware that a negative temperature reading is being recorded as a positive value (i.e. –8 degrees is being collected as 8 degrees).

First of all, apologies for this mistake. I wrote the PowerShell script for the probe action module back in July last year, when most of world was in summer. I didn’t even think about negative values and I couldn’t test it anyway…

Last night, I spent some time fixing the management pack. As I was fixing the code, I also found few other issues due to in consistencies in www.webservicex.net (where the MP is getting the data from). for example, some locations have decimal points in temperature value (i.e. Vancouver, Canada), some locations have multiple <Wind> tags in the return data, etc. oh well, webservicex is a free service so there’s no point bagging them for inconsistencies.

Below is a list of bugs that are fixed in this release (

  • Incorrect temperature collected when the reading is below zero
  • Incorrect temperature collected when the reading contains decimal points
  • script error when pressure reading is not within <pressure> tag (i.e. Vancouver, Canada uses <PressureTendency> tag). in this situation, pressure reading is not probed.
  • fixed wind direction and speed probe when there are multiple <Wind> tags in the result.
  • Agent task not displaying wind speed in KM/H
  • Updated temperature related performance views to display negative temperature readings.


I’ve updated below 4 temperature related performance views so they can display negative values:


The Y-Axis range is set to –130 to 134 (degrees) for Imperial Unit (Fahrenheit) and –90 to 57 (degrees) for Metric Unit (Celsius). According to Wikipedia, these figures are the highest and lowest temperature ever recorded on this plant. They can be customised by right clicking the view and choose “Personalize view…”:


the updated MP can be downloaded HERE. The download link from the original post is also updated.

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