OpsMgr Dashboard Fun: Server Details Using SquaredUp

After my previous post on how to create a performance view using SquaredUp, the founder of SquaredUp, Richard Benwell told me that I can also use “&embed=true” parameter in the URL to get rid of the headers. I also managed to create another widget to display server details. Combined with the performance view, I create a dashboard like this:


The bottom left is the improved version of the performance view (using embed parameter), and the right pane is the server details page:


This server detail view contains the following information:

  • Alerts associated to the computer
  • Health states of the Distributed Apps that this computer is a part of.
  • Health State of its hosted components (Equivalent to the Health Explorer??)
  • Discovered properties of this computer

Combined with the performance view, it gives a good overview of the current state of the computer from different angles.

Here’s the script for this server detail view:

And here’s the script for the improved performance view (with “&embed=true” parameter):

I’d also like to clarify that my examples are just providing alternative ways to utilise SquaredUp and display useful information on a single pane of glass (dashboards).  I don’t want to mislead the readers of article to have an impression that SquaredUp relies on native OpsMgr consoles and dashboards. In my opinion and experience with SquaredUp, I think it is a perfect replacement to the built-in OpsMgr web console.

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