Clean Up SMA Database After a Module Deletion


I noticed an issue while I was writing a SMA integration module. I once made an mistake in the .json file and I noticed I couldn’t import the updated module back to SMA even after I firstly deleted the old version. I’ll explain this issue using a sample dummy module.

Reproducing The Issue

To reproduce the issue, I firstly created a dummy module with 3 files:


The module .psm1 and the connection file .json (notice there’s a connection field named “ComputerName” in the .json file):


I zipped and imported this module into SMA, everything looks good so far. and the connection fields are correctly displayed (as expected):


I then update the .json file (Changed the connection field name from ComputerName to ComputerFQDN):


I zipped the updated module, tried to import the module into SMA, but got an error:


I then tried to delete the existing module and imported again, but I got the same error.
I also noticed that even after the module has been deleted, the connection is still available to be selected:


My Resolution

Since I couldn’t find any documentation on how to completely remove an Integration Module, I went ahead and developed a SQL script to completely remove the module and module connection from the various tables in the SMA database. Here’s the SQL script:

To use this script, you will need to change the @ModuleName and @ConnectionName variable to suit your module:


After I ran this script, I was able to import the updated module:



Although I’ve used this for multiple modules in multiple SMA environments and so far have not found any problems, I did not consult this workaround with SMA experts, please use this at your own risk. Please don’t blame me if it breaks your environment.

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