Geo-Location Squared Up Bing Map Dashboard

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Before I started working for Squared Up, the very first project we talked about was producing Bing Maps dashboard in Squared Up.

I started working on this project after I finished the OpsMgr Data Warehouse Health Check script. And I’m please to announce we have just published the Bing Maps Dashboard solution on Squared Up’s website:

These are some of the sample dashboards I produced in my lab:

Example #1: World Map (Multi-Objects):


Example #2: Australia Map (Multi-Objects):


Example #3: Melbourne Aerial Map (Multi-Objects):


Example #4: Single Object Street Map (of my local pub):


Do you want to know more about this solution? Please head over the Squared Up’s site and read the full post HERE.

Lastly, like I mentioned in the post, if you have any specific requirements, we are more than happy to work with you, so please feel free to contact us.

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