It has been over 3 months since I started working for Squared Up. If you ask me my impression about Squared Up, I believe they truly care about the System Center community. Over the last few months, the folks at Squared Up have been working on an initiative to create a community dashboard repository, where everyone can submit and share their Squared Up dashboards with the broader community.

With the recent release of Squared Up version 2.1.11, exporting and importing dashboards have been made incredibly easy. I have made a short demo video and uploaded to YouTube:

Or watch it on YouTube:

As you can see, it is now really easy to export and import dashboards within Squared Up. Mr. Richard South from Squared Up has also asked me to share an Squared Up community news letter with readers of my blog:

Subject: Community Dashboards – New Features

Hi Tao

We have a couple of updates on our Community Dashboards project that I wanted to quickly share with you.

The main one is that we’ve just released a new version of the product which includes the ability to Export your dashboards and also to Import template dashboards (v2.1.11)

This should make it incredibly easy for you to submit dashboards, which you can send to, together with screenshots.

If you’d like get up and running with v2.1.11, without necessarily having to upgrade a production instance of Squared Up, we’d suggest simply applying for a 30 day trial online and you’ll be sent everything you need -

If you have any questions in this respect, do please let me know.

We’ve also produced a launch page, including FAQs, at and put together a short video showing this new functionality in action – – as well as a longer one to discuss the project in more depth (although you’re up to speed with most of the information in that already)

So, that means the process for submitting is now as simple as;

  • Build dashboard (nb - don’t use SQL or iframe plugin)
  • Make private *
  • Take screenshots
  • One-Click Export
  • Send the ZIP + screenshots to
  • Win a Lego Death Star (hopefully…)

* You may want to ensure that there’s no private information available in any images or Visio SVGs used within your dashboards or in the dashboard title or sub-titles

Remember, we’re counting on you to get your dashboard submissions in by the beginning of next week in time for our preview launch at SCU Europe

As ever, many thanks for being part of this, feel free to drop me a line with any questions and have a great weekend



Richard South | Squared Up Ltd

Now with the SCU Europe is taking place over in Basel, Switzerland this week, Squared Up has 2 sessions:

  • Whisky Tasting (and insider info…) with Squared Up (25th August, 17:15)
  • Revolutionise SCOM with Squared Up (26th August, 12:00pm)

Please stay tuned, there might be something exciting to be announced!

There are many ways to get involved in the System Center community, such as blogging, podcasting, sharing code on TechNet / GitHub / CodePlex, etc.

During a catch up call with Squared Up last week, Richard explained to me that they are essentially providing an additional channel for people to contribute and get involved in the community, because at the end of the day, not everyone blogs or write code. contributing an existing dashboard can be very quick and easy, it doesn’t take too much effort at all!

So, if you have designed an awesome Squared Up dashboard for a particular application and you would like to share it with the community, I encourage to take this opportunity and start sharing! As Squared Up Pointed out to me, their goal is for people to:

Use –> Share –>Improve

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