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Squared Up has recently established a brand new web site: https://community.squaredup.com. This is where everyone in the community is able to share Squared Up dashboards. So, it’s pretty similar to TechNet Gallery, but only for Squared Up dashboards.

So far, I have produced dashboards for all products in the System Center 2012 (R2)suite. I am planning to share few more dashboards via this site, but for now, I’d like to show you what I have shared so far, and what other awesome dashboards a currently available for download.

My System Center 2012 R2 Suite Dashboards

ConfigMgr 2012 (R2)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/configmgr-2012/

SCVMM 2012 R2

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/scvmm-2012-r2/

SCSM 2012 R2

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/service-manager-2012-r2/

Orchestrator 2012 R2 (Microsoft Official MP Only)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/orchestrator-2012-r2/

Orchestrator 2012 R2 (Official MP + MPAuthor’s Orchestrator MP)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/scorch-2012-r2-combined/


This dashboard requires the modified version of MPAuthor’s Orchestrator MP, which can be found from this blog: https://blog.tyang.org/2015/09/14/updated-mp-authors-system-center-2012-orchestrator-management-pack/

SMA 2012 R2

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/sma-2012-r2/

Windows Azure Pack (Microsoft Official MP)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/windows-azure-pack-msft/

Windows Azure Pack (Based on Oskar Landman’s WAP MP V2)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/wap-community/


The screenshot provided does not contain any subscription perf data because I do not have any subscriptions created in my lab environment. However, the author of this MP, Oskar Landman has verified this dashboard against his environment, and confirmed the performance plugin is configured correctly.

OpsMgr Self Maintenance (Based on OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/opsmgr-self-maintenance/

Other Awesome Dashboards

In addition to the dashboards I’ve created for the System Center 2012 R2 suite, there are also other awesome dashboards that I think you should take a look:

Office 365 (Created by myself)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/office-365/

Veeam Hyper-V (Created by Steve Turnbull)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/veeam-hyper-v/

OpsLogix Oracle (Created by Arjan Vroege)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/opslogix-oracle-dashboard/

Capacity Usage (Created by Dieter Wijckmans)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/capacity-usage-8/

SharePoint 2013 (Created by myself)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/sharepoint-2013/

OpsMgr Community Dashboard (Created by Martin Nygaard Ehrnst)

Download from: https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/opsmgr/

About Squared Up Community Dashboards

Please visit https://squaredup.com/community/ If you’d like to learn more about Squared Up’s Community Dashboards initiative. It is really easy to export your dashboards and share with the community. We will sanity check all dashboards submission before publishing it to the public, this is to ensure no sensitive information about your environment is shared with the public.

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