Free E-book: Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite

OMS Book CoverThis is my first post in 2016, so happy new year everyone! Over the last few months, I have been a bit quiet on this blog, because I was involved in a book project together with Pete Zerger (@pzerger), Stanislav Zhelyazkov (@StanZhelyazkov) and Anders Bengtsson (

The book is titled Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite, and we have made it freely available to the community.

We wanted to bring a learning resource for the MS Operations Management Suite to the community that is complete, comprehensive, concise…and free (as in beer). While we finish final editing passes over the next couple of weeks, we wanted to share an early copy of the book so you can start digging in while we finish our work!

Description: This preview release of “Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite” is an end-to-end deep dive into the full range of Microsoft OMS features and functionality, complete with downloadable sample scripts (on Github). The chapter list in this edition is shown below:

Chapter 1: Introduction and Onboarding
Chapter 2: Searching and Presenting OMS Data
Chapter 3: Alert Management
Chapter 4: Configuration Assessment and Change Tracking
Chapter 5: Working with Performance Data
Chapter 6: Process Automation and Desired State Configuration
Chapter 7: Backup and Disaster Recovery
Chapter 8: Security Configuration and Event Analysis
Chapter 9: Analyzing Network Data
Chapter 10: Accessing OMS Data Programmatically
Chapter 11: Custom MP Authoring
Chapter 12: Cross Platform Management and Automation

This early edition is being shared with the community while final edits are being completed. Please send questions, comments or errata you find to

You can download for free from the TechNet Gallery at:

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