Squared Up OpsMgr Community MP Catalog

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One of the big challenges when working with OpsMgr is finding all the good community management packs. Although Microsoft has provided a “Partner Solutions” section in the OpsMgr console to publish 3rd party management packs, it was designed to advertise commercial MPs developed by partner ISVs. From what I learned, the bar is too high to get your MP listed there, and for my community MPs, I don’t see myself spending time and effort to try get my MPs listed there since they are free and I don’t make any $$$ from these MPs.

Squared Up has recently released a Community MP Catalog – in the form of a Management Pack. This Community MP Catalog MP enables you to access all the well-known community MPs from OpsMgr console:


You can find more information about this awesome project from Squared Up and also get free download from here: https://squaredup.com/the-scom-community-mp-catalog/

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact Squared Up (@Squared_up) directly.

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