SCOM Self Maintenance Management Pack for SCOM 2019 now available

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Good news! OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP v3.1 is now available from

Whats New?

  • SCOM 2016, 1801/1807 and 2019 support
  • Retired the 2007 version of the MP
  • Completely re-written the MP with a new name
  • Several new monitors
  • Various bug fixes
  • decommissioned OMS add-on MP
  • Additional quick start override MP

Self Maintenance MP now owned/maintained by Cookdown

Who are Cookdown?

Cookdown are a new company span out from Squared Up (known for awesome HTML 5 dashboards for SCOM + Azure).

Cookdown where setup specifically to solve the challenges SCOM faces today - SCOM continues to be used in large enterprises for infrastructure monitoring and is a cornerstone for the monitoring of tomorrow.

They own a number of key SCOM solutions, from Powershell Authoring to Alert tuning. They also integrate SCOM into ServiceNow, allowing SCOM Alerts to automatically raise Incidents, using SCOM data to populate ServiceNow’s CMDB and leveraging SCOM agents to map complex Business Services in ServiceNow.

Why handover to Cookdown?

My Name is Tao Yang, back in 2012, I had an idea - Wrapping all common maintenance and administrative tasks for OpsMgr into a management pack so they can be self-managed. After few months’ development in my spare time, I published version 1.0 of the OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP in March 2013. I have kept this MP updated over the next few years, and it has become one of the most popular community management packs for OpsMgr. The Current version (v2.5.0.1) was released in 2015.

I have started working on version 3 of the MP couple of years ago. On top of additional improvements and bugfixes, version 3 would be compatible for OpsMgr 2016, 1803 and 2019. For me personally, my focus has been shifted from System Center to Azure over the last few years. As much as I would like to keep maintaining and updating this MP, I simply do not have enough time to spend on this project. Unfortunately, although the initial release of version 3 has been ready for many months, I could not find time to wrap it up and release it.

Luckily, my good friends at Cookdown ( have offered help. They ask me to hand over this project to them. Since I have known folks at Cookdown (and before that Squared Up) for many years and I strongly believe the management pack will be well looked after, I have decided to take Cookdown’s offer, and officially transferring the ownership of the OpsMgr Self Maintenance MP to them.

As the result, I will redirect all existing download links for this MP on my blogs and my company’s website to Cookdown’s download page.

You can find the brand-new version 3.1 at:

Moving forward, this management pack will remain as a free community pack but will be maintained by Cookdown. Cookdown has very strong OpsMgr and MP authoring skills within their organisation, I am confident this MP will get all the love and attention it deserves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cookdown:


Twitter: @team_cookdown

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