March 2022 Major Update for Azure Diagnostic Settings Policy Definitions

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I haven’t revisited the Resource Diagnostics Settings policy definitions since October 2020. A lot has changed since then. An update is long-overdue.

I have updated this set of policy definitions in my azurepolicy GitHub repo.

Here’s the Change Log:


  • Parameterized the policy effect
  • Parameterized the enablement for logs and metrics by adding parameters LogsEnabled and MetricsEnabled
  • Added a parameter for EvaluationDelay (Default to AfterProvisioning)
  • Added support for Logs Category Groups for all applicable resources
  • Added metadata fields
    • category: Monitoring
    • version: 2.0.0
    • preview: false
    • depreciated: false
  • Added support for dedicated table in Log Analytics (Resource-specific) for the following applicable resource types:
    • API Management
    • Cosmos DB
    • Data Factory V2
    • IoT Hub
    • Recovery Services Vault
  • Added new resource types
    • Recovery Services Vault
    • Azure Data Bricks (Premium SKU)
    • EventGrid System Topic
    • Azure Front Door
    • Function App
    • MariaDB
    • Machine Learning Workspace
    • Azure Subscription
    • Synapse Analytics
    • Virtual Machine
    • Virtual Machine Scale Set


  • Renamed parameter DiagnosticSettingNameToUse to profileName
  • Updated metrics and logs category for various resource types
  • Updated role definitions for policies for sending metrics and logs to Log Analytics workspaces
  • Updated API version to 2021-05-01-preview for diagnostic settings


  • Various bug fixes


  • removed obsolete resource types
    • Azure Backup
    • Azure Site Recovery (ASR)
    • Azure Synapse Pool (consolidated with Azure SQL Database)
    • LogicApp Integration Service Environment

Known Issues

Azure App Service (Microsoft.Web/sites)

The log category for Azure App Service is different between Standard and Premium tiers. The logs cannot be accurately covered based on the App Service SKU due to the following reasons:

  1. At the time of writing, there is no Policy Alias for App Service SKU
  2. At the time of writing, the Log Category Groups are not supported for the Azure App Service Diagnostic Settings

Due to these limitations, only the common logs that are available for both Standard and Premium SKUs are selected.

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