Scripting 101 For George

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Yesterday at work, we were having a chat with George, the team leader of our infrastructure 3rd level support team. George told me since he’s a team leader, he doesn’t have to be technical ANYMORE, all he needs to do is to delegate. Then the topic somehow shifted to scripting and George said to me all he can write is “Hello World”.

So I challenged him by opening PowerShell console on my PC and asked him to write “Hello World” for me.

It turned out, he couldn’t write it. that proved he’s NEVER technical in the first place Smile.

So I started an email trail with the whole team: Scripting 101 For George. I initially demonstrated to George how to write Hello World in VBScript, PowerShell, C# and even batch file. then other guys jumped in, extended the list to PHP, Perl, Java, Fortran, etc.

I then showed George how to create a “Hello World” infinite loop in PowerShell:

Do {
  Write-Host "Hello World"
} While ($George.Nationality eq "Greek")

and How to Hello World in his favourite colour:


In the end, I’ve been asked to go a bit crazier so I wrote this:

Download the Video HERE.

Here’s the source code for ForGeorge.PS1: Download

George, I hope you’ve now learned how to Hello World in PowerShell at least Smile. And to our boss Craig, when you are talking about organising PowerShell training for the team, I’m totally with you 100%!

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