World and Country Maps for Squared Up Visio Dashboard

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In the recently released Inside System Center Podcast Episode 2: Dashboarding, I have demonstrated few Visio map dashboards in Squared Up.


World Map:


USA Map:


Australia Map:


These maps can be easily found via your favourite search engine (i.e. search “SVG maps”). I managed to find a good site where you can download the maps for most of the countries in SVG format:

Once the .svg maps are downloaded, you can open it in Visio 2013, and start mapping the data to each shape like you normally wound with Squared Up Visio Plugin:



Sometimes, the shape that you need to map the data to is too small for you to drag and drop the data to. i.e. Australia Capital Territory (ACT) in the map above is just a tiny little dot within another shape (New South Wales). In this case, you can also select the small shape (ACT in this case), and then right click on the data that you wish to map to, and select “Link to Selected Shapes”:


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